Microbiological remediation
Microbiological remediation

Oil and gas enterprises face the problems of their territories’ pollution by oil and oil-contaminated waste and timely liquidation of oil pollution effects. 

Negative impacts of oil and gas companies’ activities include oil spills as well as oil-containing waste generation in the forms of sludge pits, oil lakes, oil sludge lagoons, oil-contaminated piles. 

ARKOIL Technologies developed the most innovative technologies and methods of oil-contaminated waste liquidation and remediation of oil-contaminated lands.

ARKOIL offers a unique method of microbiological liquidation of hydrocarbons contamination using original strains of hydrocarbon oxidizing microorganisms. The most effective and the most appropriate for a separate eco-system composition oil destructor is selected on the basis of the laboratory testing results. 

ARKOIL specialists are capable to purify highly-effective microorganisms from indigenous bacterial populations, if necessary.

The treatment process takes from 3 weeks to 2 months depending on the weather conditions and other factors.