Sludge treatment

OIL SLUDGE TREATMENT AND OIL-CONTAMINATED SOILS RECULTIVATION TECHNOLOGY Operating activities of oil and gas enterprises as well as technogenic disasters at the territories of refineries and main pipelines lead to thousands of square meters of soil and water areas suffering from numerous oil spills. That means a huge volume of hazardous oil wastes, which pollute soils and constitute a great danger to environment and life sustaining activities. Against this negative impact ARKOIL Technologies offers its exclusive system of biological recultivation and treatment of oil contaminated soil. The treatment area is carefully smeared and carries waterproof layers, which enable oil-contained fluids to escape and contaminate soils. This field can be used multiply. Sludge biological treatment takes from 2 weeks to 2.5 months as it depends on its composition and quantity. Final result: Oil wastes are treated into soil mixes with oil mixes NOT MORE than 3%. Hydrocarbons content can be lowered up to 1% or even less. This new product is ready to be used as industrial soils for road filling, ravines liquidation or grass plats framing. ARKOIL System always proves its compliance with quality, health, safety & environmental standards of the clients and local governments worldwide. ARKOIL Technologies is VCA**, ISO 14001, ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 and GOST certified.